What to expect

The materials provided here can be used in multiple ways:

  1. Part of a live teaching session (either remotely or in person)
  2. Asynchronously for self-paced learning
  3. Reference material


Who drew the illustrations?

Allison Horst, PhD

You can find her illustrations here:

Julia Chen, RN-BSN CCRN


To the R, Python, and Carpentries communities.

About the Authors

The initial work was done as a part of Daniel Chen’s dissertation with Anne Brown as his committee chair.

Daniel Chen, MPH

PhD student at Virginia Tech (VT) in Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology (GBCB) working with Anne Brown and DataBridge studying data science education and pedagogy for medical practitioners.

Anne Brown, PhD

Anne Brown holds a PhD degree in Biochemistry. Anne’s specific expertise is in using high performance computing for molecular dynamics simulations and virtual screening, focusing on molecular mechanisms, protein structure-function relationships, and drug design. She is also involved in the training and mentorship of undergraduate research students in these areas. Anne collaborates with faculty and students on the integration of computational thinking and discipline-specific computational tools relevant to science informatics tools (bioinformatics, cheminformatics, etc) into their research or classroom. In addition, she consults on and help researchers wit data analysis, data publishing, and data visualization.